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Critical CALL

The theme of this year’s conference is Critical CALL, fostering the notion that we now want to step back and critically appraise the field of CALL, to unpack and examine some of the assumptions that may have become ingrained in our practice, and also to reflect on the state of CALL and language pedagogy.

There is also a need to take a critical stance and question what it is we are doing and whose interests we might be serving, since technology is not neutral, and nor is education.

Inspired by those who advocate critical approaches to second language teaching, learning and assessment, especially when mediated by technology, we are particularly interested in contributions that look at the interdependence between language learning, power relationships and social change.



Authors of accepted presentations can send a short paper for publication in the conference proceedings and may also submit an extended version for peer-reviewed publication in ReCALL or The EUROCALL Review. For further information see here.


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